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The Health Of A Nation

When most people think of a plumber they think of number one and number two. The pee and the poo. BUTT (see what we did there) there is so much more to being a plumber.

In the United States, it may be easy to take for granted modern plumbing. We have rules, regulations, and standards that a plumber must meet. These regulations keep your drinking water safe. They make sure there is no backflow and that sewer water has no way of entering into your drinking water. With something as simple as the way your plumbing is piped can create massive problems. This is also why we stress the importance of hiring a licensed plumber. A handyman may have cheaper prices, but you may be paying more than just money in the long run. Codes and regulations for plumbing not only help prevent the spread of water-borne diseases but also: lead poisoning, scalding; lacerations, explosions, hazards due to flooding, disembowelment due to suction, electrocution, and much more! How is that for responsibility!

So while it may be easy to CRACK jokes at a plumbers profession the truth is they help keep you and your community safe. So thank you, plumbers, for all that you do.

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